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January 20, 2005
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NFC - Toni Taka by duneboo NFC - Toni Taka by duneboo
My submission to: for the 'Design your own Ninja' contest. :D

Name: Toni Taka

Age: 17

Rank: Jounin

Village: Konoha

Likes: Chakra boarding, girls, video games, and cherry soda.

Dislikes: Having a baby face, mean people, shopkeepers that won’t let him board around their stores.

Attacks: In order to use his chakra board, he can control his chakra at an immense rate through his feet which is the most difficult part of the body to mold it from. He can also fling his board at the enemy as another form of attack. His special ability inherited from the Taka (Hawk) clan, is ‘kessho kobushi’ (crystal fist) turning chakra into crystal to take the form of a weapon such as a spear, chakra bomb, shurikens and kunai, so he is never without a weapon. The weapons that he crystallizes are still under his control even after they have left his contact.

Weaponry: A chakra board, which is boomerang shaped. He uses not only to ride on, but it can also be flung at an enemy and will return to him without fail. His ‘crystal fist’ which he uses to crystallize various weapons formed from chakra. Along with several kunai and shuriken that he uses during battle, and while showing off on his chakra board.

History: Just recently moving up to the Jounin rank at a young age, Toni is an impressive member of the Taka clan. Graduating from the Ninja Academy at the age of 13, he was constantly picked on because of his small stature and his ‘baby face,’ he quickly moved up in rank so as to keep up with the older chakra boarders around Konoha, and to prove that although he was small in size, he could beat anyone at boarding with unmatched ninja skills. His small frame does have its advantages for a chakra boarder, when combined with his years of experience; it allows him to obtain the highest speeds ever achieved on a board, and the most daring of tricks on it as well.

The other Jounins are still…adjusting…to the new addition to their rank, although he joins them on missions, he spends most of his spare time with his boarder friends and former team mates looking for sweet boarding spots. But he prizes his friends and comrades above everything else and is a reliable new Jounin.

Any other information: Toni is laid back and calm but tends to get cocky impressing the kunoichi on his board between missions. He can’t stand it when the Hokage calls him “cute” and pinches his cheeks when he reports back from missions. He is especially good at fast missions because no one can keep up with him on his board.

Artists side note: Yeah, I have yet to come across it, but my apologies if someone has already done the “chakra board” type thing, it doesn’t seem like that far fetched of an idea, so if someone has, sorry, I’ve never seen it. ;P

Oh yeah, and thank you, Tony Hawk…for the usage of your cool name and the revival of skateboarding. ;)

…because we all know that Tony Hawk has a DA account and is devstalking me…
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ski-kory Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I think this guy is probably one of, if not the, coolest Naruto OC I've ever seen. Neat!!
GrimV Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2009  Student General Artist
He's awesome!
toniii Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2007  Student Digital Artist
Great idea, great picture, but just so you know, Toni = girl Tony = boy. Haha
anniemega Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2007
Nice, but this reminds me of shaman king, trey uses a snowboard for his furyoku.

But very nice pic
eisenaffe Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah! Shaman King! =3
Great job BTW!! <3
TomboySpirit Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2006
Toni Taki is awesome!! Cute baby-face, chakra board!! Both these things would just force my characters to stalk him XD Can I use him for a story I'm writing? Please!?
Ookami-Demon12 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2006  Hobbyist Artist
This is a really cool character!!

Sounds like someone my characters would get in an argument with!! (there twins,one boy and one girl)

And I didn't know that TONY HAWK was on here!!

I like idolize him!!

It'd be so cool to talk to him!!

yah right, like that'd ever happen!!

Love the pic!!
1skippy Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2006   Writer
Thats really cool and hes hot and the chakra board is krunk!
Alina-Cantha Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2005
Very original design, and I love his facial expression. I love the style, and the "frame" looks awesome. The colors are awesome. Wonderful job!
Tomodachi-Kiko Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2005
I have to give you credit for originality here. ^_~ And the art is really nice. This has a possibility of getting my vote.
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